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ABC No Rio Dinero: The Story of a Lower East Side Art Gallery
Edited by Alan Moore and Marc Miller
New York: ABC No Rio with Collaborative Projects, 1985


ABC No Rio Dinero: The Story of a Lower East Side Art Gallery is in many ways the real life story of my co-editor Alan Moore. Alan experienced first hand almost everything covered in the book. He was a founding member of Collaborative Projects Inc. (Colab), a leading participant in the Real Estate Show, and then one of the artists who ran ABC No Rio during the gallery's first years. He is still today a member of the No Rio board of directors. It was Alan who initiated the ABC No Rio book back in 1983. He was the one who first contacted the artists and writers for images and text; and it was his passion for the project that kept it going over the two years it took to complete.

My job as co-editor was to help Alan effectively tell the No Rio story; to keep the book focused and provide the sort of structure that allowed the narrative to flow. This task has continued in the transfer of the book to the Internet, a project that I initiated and largely supervised with Alan's advice and consent. The conversion has entailed new editorial choices and design tasks. Much of the credit for the new online version of the book belongs to the talented web designer Haoyan of America. It was Haoyan's technical knowledge that made all things possible; and it was his design sense that guided the new layouts. Primary credit is also due to Katherine Michaelsen, the editor for this project.

One of the major tasks in creating a web version of the No Rio book was obtaining quality scans of the images. Many of the new color images can be credited to Peter Cramer who along with Jack Waters was co-director of No Rio from 1983 through the last years of the 1980s. It was through the efforts of Peter and Jack that the "No Rio Art Collection," which included many of the posters and artworks reproduced in the book, was preserved. A grant from long ago that they initiated allowed for the cataloguing and photographing of the works.

Many artists and photographers who were part of the original book have helped us with the new internet edition by providing us with new scans and color images. These included Charlie Ahearn, Julie Ault, Andrea Callard, Martha Cooper, Jane Dickson, Robert Goldman (Bobby G), Becky Howland, Lisa Kahane, Tim Rollins, Christy Rupp, Greg Sholette, Anton Van Dalen, and Tom Warren. Thanks is also due to Peter Bellamy who has made his group portrait of Colab members meeting at No Rio available through Wikipedia.

Acknowledgment must also be given to Steven Englander, the director of No Rio since 1994. Under his stewardship the gallery not only survived but it prospered. For all of us who were involved in the early years of No Rio, it is amazing to realize that the period covered in the book constitutes only the first five years of what is now a thirty-year history. The fact that the gallery still exists and maintains much of the idealism exhibited at its founding provides this project with a purpose and relevancy that in itself justifies this new online edition. We all await a new book that will complete No Rio's story.

- Marc H. Miller

ABC No Rio Dinero: Story of a Lower East Side Gallery

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