Moving On, 1985-94

The year 1985 took me in a new direction. After answering an ad in the New York Times, I was appointed curator at the Queens Museum. For most of my time at the museum, I still lived at 98 Bowery, waking early and driving my beat-up car the forty-five minutes out to Flushing Meadows Park, where the Queens Museum is located. As curator, I continued to work with many downtown artists, but little by little my interest expanded to include subjects particular to my new workplace, like the New York World’s Fairs that had taken place in Flushing Meadows Park, and jazz musician Louis Armstrong, who had lived nearby in Corona, Queens. In 1989, I left my fifth-floor walk-up at 98 Bowery and moved to Brooklyn with my wife and newborn son. My years on the Bowery remained packed in my basement until I began this website in 2008. An unexpected epilogue to my Bowery story would come in 2016: an exhibition about the Ramones at the Queens Museum.