Punk Years, 1976-79

Every time Bettie and I headed north on Bowery towards the East Village, we passed a grungy bar that clearly had the feel of a happening scene. Curiosity pulled us into CBGB in 1976, and for the next three years the club was our regular haunt, a place we visited three or four times a week, meeting friends and absorbing inspiration as we watched the emergence of a new music and counter-culture scene that would soon spread around the globe. More than just a music revolution, punk also affected the visual arts, fashion and design. Under the sway of punk, our conceptual art grew and evolved in ways that reflected the style, content and marketing of the broader CBGB scene. Like a rock group, we were an art group, first billed as Miller & Ringma and then as Miller Ringma & Hoppe when Curt joined our collaboration. In 1978 we brought together the visual artists at CBGB by organizing the world’s first "Punk Art" exhibition in Washington DC. For us the punk years were fast, loud, and lots of fun.