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Ignited in part by the changes in music, art and fashion that occurred at CBGB, the East Village experienced a cultural renaissance in the 1980s that matched and even exceeded the neighborhood's glory days in the late 1960s. The old East Village had been chronicled by the newspaper East Village Other. For the new East Village it was the East Village Eye, whose first issue hit the street in May 1979. Shepherded through good times and bad by publisher Leonard Abrams, the Eye continued through January 1987 and ultimately numbered over 70 issues.

My involvement with the Eye began when I provided Leonard with some archival images of Hiroshima and of confiscated Nazi propaganda art. I soon began writing a monthly column which ran without a break from February 1983 – January 1986. While most articles in the Eye spotlighted current events, "Miller's Memorabilia" specialized in unearthing obscure pictures from the past that would resonate with the East Village crowd. The hip, cynical text owed much to my Eye editor, Spencer Rumsey, a veteran of the Berkeley Barb, who later moved on to Rupert Murdoch's Star before finally settling in at Newsday. At first "Miller's Memorabilia" appeared in the Eye's news section, but over time it migrated to the art pages, where it added a historical dimension to the frenzy that for a few years characterized the East Village's flourishing gallery scene.

Issue one of the East Village Eye, May 1979
Issue one of the East Village Eye, May 1979
Miller's Memorabilia through the years
Miller's Memorabilia through the years.