Alan Moore

Alan Moore arrived at 98 Bowery courtesy of Shirley Hopps, our former art history teacher at the University of California at Riverside. The well-connected Shirley (wife of legendary Pasadena Museum curator Walter Hopps) had gotten Alan an internship at ArtForum, which along with its editor John Coplans had just moved to New York from Los Angeles. Alan was friends with Mike Malloy and soon replaced him in the cubicle Mike built in the back of the loft.

Alan advanced quickly, writing articles for ArtForum, and organizing an exhibition and catalogue on the multiples of Joseph Beuys for the gallery at UCR. It was easy to like Alan with his innocent look, shy, deferential manner, sharp mind and unflagging idealism. He soon joined forces with Walter Robinson (then Mike Robinson) and Edit deAk at Art-Rite Magazine, and began hanging out with the young artists who later formed the core of the artist group Collaborative Projects Inc (Colab).

Mixing writing, art making, curating, publishing and art administration, Alan was a lot like me, and over the years we shared many enthusiasms and frequently collaborated, most memorably on a book on ABC No Rio, an alternative art space on the Lower East Side that Alan helped start.


Alan Moore moves into 98 bowery, New York City, 1974

A Photo Written-Word Portrait by Marc H. Miller