V. Back on Bowery, 1981 - 85

When Bettie and I returned to New York in summer 1980, we discovered that much had changed in the year we had been away.  The East Village was now filled with art galleries and new clubs that were as much about art as music.  Many of the people whom we knew from CBGB and the Punk Art exhibition were active in the evolving scene.

In 1982 Bettie and I mounted the exhibition “Unforgettable Moments Drawn by Real life People” at ABC No Rio, a raw alternative space founded by members of the artist group COLAB.  These were busy years for me: I wrote a monthly column, "Miller's Memorabilia" for the East Village Eye;  worked with Paul Tschinkel on ART/new york, a video magazine about art; and co-edited with Alan W. Moore the book ABC No Rio; The Story of a Lower East Side Art Gallery (1985).