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Over the years I have been lucky to create many visual narratives during a varied career as an artist, journalist, curator, art historian and publisher. "View from the Top Floor" brings together some of these stories in a chronicle of my life and the creative world of Downtown New York that I experienced during the twenty years I lived in the top floor loft at 98 Bowery.

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I. 98 Bowery, 1969 - 89

In the late 1960s New York was the place to be if you were interested in the arts. I came from California to pursue a graduate degree in art history at New York University's Institute of Fine Arts. The art world's striking extremes were quickly perceived. While the Institute's elegant quarters in the Doris Duke Mansion on 5th Ave. and 77th St. provided a glimpse of a rarified world of masterpieces, scholarship, and elegant teas, my tiny $65 a month, cockroach infested, studio apartment in Greenwich Village reflected the grittier realities of downtown's creative bohemia.

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