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Marc H Miller

From the moment I was exposed to Mike Malloy's brand of conceptual art, focusing on human psychology and incorporating the actions of people, I knew my own creative direction. My art was interactive and used photography and text.  It took less than six months from my first attempts at making conceptual art, to my first one-person show in fall 1973 at OK Harris Gallery in Soho.

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Blackboards, Props, Disguises

Early Works Conceptual Art by Marc H. Miller. "Write a Word" (1972) and other blackboard pieces. Word response pieces: "Men by Women" (1972); "Women by Men" (1972); "Modern Art" (1972). "What’s Your Greatest Fear" (1972). "Choose a Flower or Gun" (1972) and other prop pieces. "T-shirt" (1972); "Nixon Mask" (1972); "Nose and Glasses" (1972); "Rubber Lips."

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Penis and Vagina - Drawings and Clay Sculptures

A sampling from an extended series of drawings of penises and vaginas done by men and women from 1973 - 1975. A video showing college students making penises and vaginas out of clay and talking about their creations, 1974. A conceptual art project by Marc H. Miller.

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