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Blackboards, Props, Disguises

Early Works Conceptual Art by Marc H. Miller. "Write a Word" (1972) and other blackboard pieces. Word response pieces: "Men by Women" (1972); "Women by Men" (1972); "Modern Art" (1972). "What’s Your Greatest Fear" (1972). "Choose a Flower or Gun" (1972) and other prop pieces. "T-shirt" (1972); "Nixon Mask" (1972); "Nose and Glasses" (1972); "Rubber Lips."

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Penis and Vagina - Drawings and Clay Sculptures

A sampling from an extended series of drawings of penises and vaginas done by men and women from 1973 - 1975. A video showing college students making penises and vaginas out of clay and talking about their creations, 1974. A conceptual art project by Marc H. Miller.

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