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Graffiti / Post-Graffiti

Promotional brochure for the ART/new york tape “Graffiti / Post-Graffiti,” 1984.

Promotional brochure for the ART/new york tape “Graffiti / Post-Graffiti,” 1984.

In 1984 Paul Tschinkel and I completed a 30 minute program about graffiti that captured a key moment in its evolution from illegal street art to rarified art object exhibited in respected galleries.  "Graffiti/Post Graffiti" was sparked by a chance encounter with Dolores and Hubert Neumann, two well-connected collectors who were then actively promoting graffiti to the art establishment. The Neumanns invited us to tape a "Collaborative Painting" demonstration they organized for art world notables at the New York Society for Ethical Culture, and "Post Graffiti," a major exhibition they helped curate at the prestigious Sidney Janis Gallery. 

With this key footage in hand we set out to expand the story of graffiti's rise.  During a visit to Fashion Moda in the South Bronx we taped a wall mural by Lady Pink and Lady Heart, as well as a number of nearby outdoor graffiti murals by Crash and Daze done on roll-down security gates . At the Fun Gallery in the East Village we talked with Charlie Ahearn, the creator of the indie film "Wildstyle," and with two of the film's stars, Patti Astor, co-founder of the Fun Gallery, and "Fab 5 Freddy" Braithwaite, whose paintings were on display. 

Graffiti / Post-Graffiti also featured two of the fastest rising stars of this controversial new art movement.  Keith Haring was filmed autographing hats decorated with his graffiti-inspired cartoon images during the opening of his first solo exhibition at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery.  We also included a short sequence from our earlier interview with Jean-Michel Basquiat in which he talks dismissively about his graffiti roots.  This section of Graffiti / Post Graffiti can be viewed on the Basquiat page that follows.

The Opening at the Sidney Janis Gallery

Lady Pink, Fab Five Freddy, Rammellzee and Sidney Janis.
Duration: 2'38"

Post Graffiti Symposium
Graffiti Demonstration
Duration: 2'14"

Videography by Paul Tschinkel
Text & Interview by Marc H. Miller
Music courtesy Futura 2000
Directed by Paul Tschinkel & Marc H. Miller
Produced by Paul Tschinkel
Excerpt from "Graffiti/Post Graffiti," Art/ new york No. 21 (1984)
Copyright © 1984 InnerTube Video

All videos and photographs courtesy of Paul Tschinkel and ART/new york.

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